Working as a Senior Practitioner

Congratulations! If you’ve completed all the modules in this Programme then you will have acquired all the attributes of a successful change leader.


Have you noticed the difference yet?

And you’ll also have begun to make an impact elsewhere – not just to the working practices, culture and performance of your organisation, but to the colleagues whom you’ve coached and supported.

As we said at the beginning, workplace innovation doesn’t just change organisations, it changes people.

But the journey doesn’t end there.

Once accredited as a Senior Practitioner, you will be able to buy a licence entitling you to enrol an unlimited number of other colleagues or clients onto the Workplace Innovation Practitioner Programme (see box below). Senior Practitioners provide their trainees with access to the Fresh Thinking Labs learning platform, and we enrol them for accreditation as Workplace Innovation Practitioners and the ILM Level 5 Leadership Certificate.

How to run a Workplace Innovation Practitioner Programme as a Senior Practitioner

We support you all the way as a Senior Practitioner, helping you to coach and mentor participants, develop Action Plans, and facilitate online and in-company sessions.

  1. Purchase a licence for the number of participants you plan to include on the Programme.
  2. Notify us with key dates and names of participants.
  3. Coach and mentor participants through the Programme, providing them with feedback as they work their way through the online resources and develop their Action Plans.
  4. Contact us for advice on delivering the Programme, whenever necessary.
  5. Celebrate your participants’ completion of the Programme accreditation with us!

How we support you

  • We register participants with ILM and provide them with access to Fresh Thinking Labs.
  • We create a closed Lab on the platform, including extensive learning resources, to which all your Programme participants have access; you are able to add additional material and forum topics, and set up video conferences.
  • We provide additional feedback and tuition as participants complete their Learning Logs. We provide you with regular updates on the progress of each participant.
  • Participants also provide us with feedback on course delivery through online surveys; we pass on the results to you to support continuous improvement.
  • We assess the completed course material for the ILM Level 5 qualification, and accredit each successful participant as a Workplace Innovation Practitioner.
  • We provide you with regular feedback, updates and advice.

We’ll stay in touch throughout the next 12 months as you apply your Senior Practitioner knowledge and skills, and we’re always available to offer advice and support.

And when the year’s up, you can even renew your Senior Practitioner accreditation and benefit from continuing access to our growing body of resources and specialist support.

Good luck – now go out there and make a difference!


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