Learning Agreement

We aim to ensure that you enjoy the programme whilst significantly enhancing your knowledge, capability, performance and confidence, enabling you to grow and develop as a Workplace Innovation Senior Practitioner.

This will require commitment and specific actions from both of us, throughout and beyond the programme. We need to work in partnership to achieve programme learning outcomes as well as your own personal objectives.

Our commitment

We will:

  • provide tuition and learning resources to support all learning elements of the programme;
  • continually review the content of the programme to maintain its quality and relevance;
  • provide support and guidance throughout the programme including one-to-one coaching as required;
  • maintain and develop our support systems to ensure we continually comply with ILM quality requirements;
  • provide advice, guidance and coaching support to help you practically apply your learning in the workplace;
  • assess the evidence you generate throughout the programme promptly, with fairness and consistency;
  • offer formative feedback on each completed Learning Log answer within 15 working days, helping you achieve your personal learning outcomes and satisfy the ILM assessment criteria;
  • inform you of the results of the assessment within one calendar month of completing the programme.

Your commitment

You agree to:

  • identify and write out your personal objectives and outcomes for the programme so that we can help you to gain maximum benefit;
  • keep us informed about your proposed timescale for completion – we understand that this may change as you progress through the programme;
  • prepare for each module and unit by using the resources provided on the learning platform;
  • apply the learning from the programme in your workplace, wherever relevant;
  • complete your action plan and regularly update it as your change project develops;
  • answer the learning log question and reflective review on completion of each unit, before starting the next one;
  • ask for guidance and support if you are unsure or don’t understand something;
  • share your thoughts and ideas with other learners on the learning platform;
  • work with your assessor / coach, and act upon constructive feedback designed to ensure that you are able to meet the standards of knowledge, understanding and practical application required to achieve the ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management, and to be accredited as a Workplace Innovation Senior Practitioner.

Your Personal Objectives and Outcomes for the Programme

We are committed to helping you gain the maximum benefit from the programme and we want to help you achieve your personal objectives. It is important that you are clear about what you want to get from the programme. Although your objectives may change as you go through the programme, it is helpful for you to assess where you are before starting your journey with us.

So that we both have a common understanding of your starting point and to provide a baseline for you to judge your progress, please give your thoughts on the following:

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Please tick all boxes.


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