Monitoring & Reviewing

MONITORING & REVIEWING – measuring progress and the impact of change, celebrating successes, and assimilating knowledge of ‘what works’.

The Monitoring & Reviewing section of the Practitioner Programme describes milestones as places where you can pause and look back at how far you’ve progressed, reflect on the journey and, where desirable, change direction. As a Senior Practitioner you will be aware that this is so much more than just ticking boxes against set objectives – rather it is about sharing and assimilating the learning and insights that you and others gained during the change process. Coaching and Emotional Intelligence will enable you to check in with others involved in the changes, enabling them to share their experiences – both positive and negative. It’s an opportunity to refresh the motivation and commitment of individuals and teams to the change journey, identifying and address challenges, and offering reassurance and support where needed.

Action Learning also provides a continuing framework for peer-to-peer monitoring and review throughout the change process, and it is important for Senior Practitioners to ensure that the outcomes from each session are acted upon.

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