ENGAGEMENT – identifying and engaging key stakeholders in creating a shared vision and an inclusive plan for workplace innovation.

The Engagement dimension begins by building a broad consensus about the need for change; it then facilitates creative and inclusive thinking about the direction of change; finally it frames and plans the specific actions needed to deliver real and sustainable change. ‘Change’ in this context typically refers to improvements or innovations in the working practices described by the four Elements – in short, employing evidence-based approaches to the enhancement of business performance, capacity for innovation, and employee wellbeing by engaging the experience, insights and creative thinking of employees at every level.

The Engagement section of the Practitioner Programme describes some powerful tools available to you as a Senior Practitioner. Resources such as Workplace Innovation Diagnostic®, Group Recall and Dialogue Conferences (for example) are highly effective ways of engaging people in the idea of change, and of grounding it in their day-to-day experiences (both good and bad) of the workplace. Likewise the Engeström triangle can help you align the internal resources and support you need to minimise potential obstacles and make the change successful.

Action Planning is also an important aspect of the Engagement dimension. You will recall that Innovation Projects are central to the Workplace Innovation Practitioner Programme because they enable individual participants to translate their learning into practice. Of equal importance, an Innovation Project should deliver tangible benefits to the participant’s organisation in terms of enhanced workplace practices.

As a Senior Practitioner, you will be coaching and mentoring Workplace Innovation Practitioner Programme participants from your organisation as they formulate and implement the Action Plans for their Innovation Projects, either individually and/or in groups. The Action Planning for Innovation Projects module will provide you with practical guidance, ensuring that the planning process is inclusive and fully aligned with your organisation’s values and strategic goals.

Engaging people at senior, managerial and frontline levels involves sensitivity, clear communication, and often the ability to facilitate dialogue events using a range of different approaches. The Emotional Intelligence and Presentation & Facilitation modules will be of value here, complementing and building on the guidance and resources already covered in the Practitioner Programme.

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