Introduction to the Senior Practitioner Programme


During this Programme you will coach and guide a cohort of colleagues from your own organisation, enabling them to gain accreditation as Workplace Innovation Practitioners by making full use of the learning platform and all its resources, both for their own personal development and to help them deliver effective workplace innovation change initiatives.

In addition to accreditation as a Senior Workplace Innovation Practitioner, you will also gain the ILM Diploma in Leadership & Management.


By choosing to become a Senior Workplace Innovation Practitioner, you’re embarking on a remarkable journey. Gaining a deeper understanding of workplace innovation as a powerful, evidence-based and highly actionable approach to transforming performance, capacity for innovation and working lives is just part of the Senior Practitioner journey.

Remember that workplace innovation doesn’t just change organisations – it also changes the people who work in them by building trust, accountability, curiosity, creativity, coaching behaviours and emotional intelligence. This is especially true for participants on the Senior Practitioner Programme!

You’ll certainly discover more about yourself and your potential as a change leader. Most important of all, you’ll be strengthening your ability to inspire and develop others – not just in theory but by demonstrating it in practice as you coach and mentor colleagues from your organisation participating in the Practitioner Programme.

This module provides a brief overview of the Programme, and helps you to anticipate both the opportunities and the possible challenges that you’ll meet during the journey.

And remember that we’re here to support you at every step along the way.

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