Action Learning

As a Senior Practitioner you will also become an Action Learning facilitator. This module revisits the Guide to Action Learning from the Practitioner Programme and asks you to apply it in practice, helping others to work together in delivering real change. Learning Log Questions and Personal Reflection Notes are designed to help you to build your skills and to capture and reflect on your experiences as an Action Learning Set facilitator.

Where a group of 5 or more people is participating from the same organisation, we will normally include Action Learning Sets within the Practitioner Programme. Sometimes we can also create Action Learning Sets involving Programme participants from different companies. Action Learning is often a part of the Programme most valued by participants.

Action Learning is a way of helping to implement changes and actions, taking people beyond superficial analysis and facilitating deep learning. It is an action-based process informed by the idea that there is ‘no learning without action and no action without learning’. Action Learning can help participants become part of a learning eco-system, engaging with different perspectives, and thinking creatively and critically.

Both the Senior and the Practitioner Programmes enable participants to explore and understand the generic principles of what makes a good organisation, and then to reinvent them within the specific context of their own workplaces. This process of workplace innovation is about participation, experimentation and shared learning – in other words there is no blueprint.

Stimulating workplace innovation and driving it forward can be an invigorating experience but it comes with challenges and dilemmas, not least when you meet resistance or deep-rooted problems. Sharing experiences and problems with people on comparable change journeys can be a powerful source of inspiration, learning and support to complement the other resources available in the Practitioner Programme.

The following sections of this section provide guidance on how to set up and run an Action Learning Set. Please contact the Senior Practitioner Programme Leaders if you require any further advice and support.

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Complete all objectives in this section:

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