Emotional Intelligence for Change Leaders


Welcome to the Senior Practitioner Emotional Intelligence (EI) module. Once completed, you will gain:

Enhanced awareness of your own level of emotional intelligence and its impact on others, together with a personal plan that will help you take your EI to the next level and enhance your effectiveness as a Senior Practitioner and change leader.

An understanding of how emotional intelligence influences organisational culture, practice and performance, and its potential for enhancing the effectiveness of your change initiative.

In the Workplace Innovation Practitioner Programme, The Emotionally Intelligent Leader section (4.1.1) showed that self-awareness, the ability to manage one’s own emotions, and a sensitivity to the feelings of others is not just a pre-requisite for effective leadership, but also supports and sustains workplace innovation.

As a Senior Practitioner, you will play a key role in change leadership within your organisation. In order to engage, inspire and support others, you will need to develop and deploy:

Self-awareness – the ability to recognise and understand your moods and emotions, and how they affect others.
Self-regulation – the ability to control impulses and moods, and to think before acting.
Internal (or intrinsic) motivation – being driven to pursue goals for personal reasons, rather than for some kind of reward (the opposite is extrinsic motivation).
Empathy – the ability to recognise and understand others’ motivations, essential for building and leading teams successfully.
Social skills – the ability to manage relationships and build networks.

(Source: Goleman, D., 1996)

In addition, you will need to understand how the level of emotional intelligence displayed in the behaviours of others can exert a major influence on the effectiveness of individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. The ability to recognise negative mindsets and behaviours, and to be familiar with approaches that can lead to positive improvements, are often critical to the success of any change initiative.

This module begins by enabling you to explore your own emotional intelligence. It includes your own EI Executive Profile, followed by a confidential one-to-one coaching session to explore the results.

Emotional Intelligence Executive Profile

Please contact Natalie for more information.

The module also explores the wider impact of EI, whether on individuals, teams or the organisation as a whole. If your organisation has used the Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® or other employee feedback tools, we will help you to analyse the ways in which (high or low) levels of emotional intelligence might be influencing the results.

The module also provides practical evidence and resources to share with your organisation, helping you to minimise resistance and to support workplace innovation and people-centred change. This will include the template for emotional intelligence awareness workshops that will help you share key principles and practices with frontline colleagues, managers and senior teams.

Complete all objectives in this section:

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