Being a Senior Workplace Innovation Practitioner

To engage and empower others in realising a common vision, Senior Practitioners need to demonstrate a knowledge of workplace innovation that is both broad and deep, for example:

  • what it is,
  • why it represents a distinctive approach to organisational change,
  • the evidence underpinning the concept,
  • how it helps organisations achieve their strategic goals,
  • what it looks like in practice,
  • how to make it happen and how to sustain it.
Are you sufficiently familiar with the e-learning material in the Practitioner Programme to be able to discuss these topics in detail with key stakeholders in your company – including those participating in the Practitioner Programme?

‘Learning by doing’ is central to all of the Senior Practitioner Programme modules, all of which combine develop the knowledge, the practical competencies and the confidence you need to drive change forward. Workplace innovation, unlike other approaches, sees personal learning and development as the essential building block for successful  organisational change. Gaining Senior Practitioner accreditation is far from being an academic exercise – it also involves demonstrating the skills,  behaviours and actions required to engage, inspire and empower others, especially through the modules on Emotional Intelligence for Change LeadersUsing Coaching Principles to Transform Workplace Relationships and Presentation & Facilitation Skills. Don’t worry – these modules are very practically focused, but they do make the point rather strongly that how you are and how you communicate with other people is central to your effectiveness as a Senior Practitioner and change leader – in short, it’s about your ability to build relationships, create trust and inspire new perspectives in others.

Be the example you want others to follow!


The figure below shows each of the Senior Practitioner Programme’s modules (in the orange boxes), and how they connect your personal development with your roles as change leader and as coach and mentor for your organisation’s participants on the Practitioner Programme:

In other words, each part of the Senior Practitioner Programme reinforces the others. This means that you’ll need to work through the content of several modules simultaneously in order to achieve the greatest impact (though of course we don’t expect you to complete all the Learning Log assignments at once!)

Your tutor will offer guidance on how to achieve the most appropriate blend of learning and action to reflect the particular circumstances of your organisation and its change priorities.

So, in summary, the Senior Practitioner Programme blends:

  • The Knowledge and Experience of workplace innovation you gained as a Workplace Innovation Practitioner
  • Personal Development, enhancing your personal attributes as a change leader and facilitator through the Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Presentation modules.
  • Actionable Knowledge, providing a deeper practical understanding People-Centred Change, Action Planning and Action Learning, and supports their application within a strategic change initiative.
  • Action, enabling you to apply these enhanced levels of skills and competence by recruiting, coaching and guiding an in-house team through the Practitioner Programme as they help to design and implement workplace innovation change initiatives in your organisation.

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