People-Centred Change and The Essential Fifth Element

In summary, People-Centred Change creates a virtuous circle. It engages employees across the organisation in redesigning and refining workplace and organisational practices to reflect the evidence-based principles embodied in the four Elements. Each of the four Elements focuses on a specific bundle of workplace practices which empower employees in their day-to-day work, helping the organisation realise its strategic goals. In turn, the cumulative effect of these empowering workplace practices across the four Elements creates a self-sustaining momentum of innovation and improvement – the Fifth Element. This is only achieved when each of the four Elements acts in support of the others to form a whole system of mutually-reinforcing practices.

In the Practitioner Programme:

The Jobs, Teams & Technology module shows that employees trusted to exercise autonomy and discretion in day-to-day work, including problem-solving and regular opportunities to face fresh challenges, are more likely to contribute positive ideas for change and to embrace new ways of working. Likewise self-organised teams can be positive contributors to change, especially when they already take responsibility for continuous improvement.
The Employee-Driven Improvement and Innovation module emphasises the importance of workforce knowledge and creativity in enhancing and developing products, services and processes. The Employee-Driven Improvement and Innovation module explores practical ways in which employee ideas can be captured and utilised in organisational change processes, enhancing buy-in and reducing resistance.
The Structures, Management and Processes module shows that management behaviours and performance expectations exert major influences on employees’ willingness and ability to engage positively with change; these factors must be considered carefully alongside the Engagement and Empowerment aspects of People-Centred Change. Likewise the generation of shared visions and creative ideas for change works best in organisations with minimal functional divisions and hierarchies.
Employee Voice, especially when channelled through representative employee forums, can be a powerful resource within the Engagement and Empowerment aspects of People-Centred Change. The Co-Created Leadership & Employee Voice module explores how employee voice can be stimulated and used as a positive resource for change.
These four Elements are interdependent, and when aligned with each other as a system of mutually reinforcing parts, they create the Fifth Element – a self-sustaining momentum of learning, improvement and innovation – achieved by empowering people throughout the organisation to use and develop their full range of knowledge, skill, experience and creativity in every aspect of their work.


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