PART A: About your Action Plan

Fill in this section as soon as you have agreed the Innovation Project with your organisation and tutor, and then mark it as complete.

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A7. Changes to workplace practices.

Innovation Projects can take many forms. They can focus directly on changing workplace practices, for example in response to Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® results. On the other hand, the main focus may be on the development of a new product or service in ways that require innovative ways of working – for example stimulating creative thinking by bringing people together across teams and departments.

In either case, your Innovation Project will have an impact on one or more workplace innovation Elements. Further information can be found in the modules relating to each Element.

Remember that changing working practices in one Element may have implications for the others (see the ‘Interdependencies’ sections in each module), and you should reflect that in the answers you provide below. Your tutor can provide further guidance.

How will the proposed actions change or make an impact on the Workplace Practices (WP) represented by the Elements? Which changes in working practice, if any, are you proposing to make?


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