Completing the programme means that you’ll be accredited as a Workplace Innovation Practitioner and achieve the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management. Accreditation provides formal recognition of your achievements on the programme. It demonstrates, by the evidence you generate through the practical application of your learning, that you have achieved levels of understanding, skills and competence assessed against internationally defined standards.

Accreditation as a Workplace Innovation Practitioner

Workplace Innovation is a robust and internationally-recognised approach, grounded in solid evidence and experience, and which can achieve sustainable organisational transformation. Accreditation as a Workplace Innovation Practitioner means that you have gained a thorough understanding of the evidence base, principles and practices associated with workplace innovation, plus substantial experience of introducing them within your own organisation. Workplace Innovation Practitioners are knowledgeable, skilled and confident in their role as change leaders and facilitators; they also have access to continuing support from us and from their peers on the Fresh Thinking Labs platform.

They are passionate ambassadors for change that really generates long-term benefits for their organisation and its employees alike!

Workplace Innovation Practitioner accreditation lasts for 12 months. It can be renewed after completing a short updating course online and/or with one of our team at minimal cost.

The ILM Qualification

ILM is recognised by employers worldwide for its quality, innovation and relevance to the modern workplace and is the UK’s leading management qualification provider. ILM recognise that the world of work is changing fast. New styles of work are emerging that are bringing increased expectations and fresh challenges for leadership, therefore organisations need competent and confident leaders at all levels if they are to succeed in an increasingly demanding marketplace.


They believe leaders can grow from anywhere – which is why ILM leadership training is open to managers at any level, in any industry, in any size of organisation.

They have over 50 years’ experience in leadership development and have helped over a million people to develop essential workplace skills that build them up to be stronger leaders.

Through their world-wide network of over 2,000 accredited centres, they set the highest benchmarks for leadership and management performance.

Workplace Innovation Europe CLG is proud to be an ILM Accredited Centre, working in partnership with ILM to deliver our Workplace Innovation Practitioner and Senior Practitioner programmes, as well as several others covering Leadership and Coaching.

ILM accreditation means that this programme has met and is maintaining high levels of standards set by the ILM, through robust quality assurance requirements which are audited on a yearly basis. Failure to meet the high standards set by the ILM can result in accreditation approval being withdrawn.

The ILM qualification at Level 5 is equivalent to:

  • a Diploma in Higher Education;
  • 2nd year of an under-graduate course;
  • a Higher National Diploma;
  • a Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) Professional Certificate.


The practical design of the programme enables you to gather information in a way that satisfies the requirements of the qualification’s assessment criteria, without the need for long written assignments. This fits perfectly with the ILM philosophy that leadership and management development should have a strong practical element as well as an appreciation of past theory and current thinking around leadership.

Learning Logs

Learning Logs have been designed to enable you to reflect on your understanding of the knowledge required to be an effective Leading Workplace Innovation Practitioner and show how you have implemented that learning. The diagnostic and self assessment tools help you assess your leadership and management capability and identify areas for development helping you to create Action Plans, designed to enable you to implement the learning in your workplace.

Interactive learning

Our interactive learning platform allows you to access a wide range of resources; gives you an ongoing opportunity to interact with others; share knowledge and best practice; learn from each other and provides the opportunity to work collaboratively to identify solutions to common problems.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching support is available throughout the programme to help you present the evidence, that you have generated throughout the programme, in a way that satisfies the robust assessment requirements and achieve the qualification.

Detailed explanation and guidance of the assessment criteria and how your evidence satisfies their requirements is given on the Learning Platform. Programme tutors are  always available to provide support and guidance to help you through the assessment process.

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