Leading Workplace Innovation – Practitioner Course


Congratulations on joining the Workplace Innovation Practitioner Programme. You’ll be part of a growing international community of people creating more productive, more innovative and more exciting places to work.

On completion of the programme you’ll be accredited as a Workplace Innovation Practitioner (and receive a nice piece of paper to hang on your wall) and achieve the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management.

Previous participants have said that the programme is inspiring, informative and practical – and we’re sure that you’ll gain some great ideas and practical benefits too. You can always contact us with your feedback.

The Workplace Innovation Practitioner Programme: a Journey of Personal Discovery and Organisational Transformation

You’re about to seize a unique opportunity.

The Workplace Innovation Practitioner Programme doesn’t only provide you with knowledge and insights to help you become a successful transformational leader. You will also gain the experience of driving real change in your organisation – resulting in tangible performance improvements, employee-driven innovation and better quality of working lives for your people.

Take a look at the roadmap below:

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Your journey takes you through some of the hard evidence relating to workplace innovation and shows why it is relevant to your organisation’s values, vision and strategic priorities. It introduces you to workplace practices known to achieve both high performance and great places to work, and offers you an abundance of inspiring examples from companies across Europe.

With support from our expert team, the roadmap also shows how you’ll use your newly-acquired knowledge and insights to stimulate and absorb awareness of the need for change in your organisation (“Absorptiveness”), to engage others in visioning and action planning (“Engagement”), and to empower others to innovate and improve the business (“Empowerment”). But the real prize is to create a sustainable momentum of employee-driven change throughout the organisation, learning from experience through continuous feedback and reflection (“Monitoring & Reviewing), and making sure that innovation and improvement eventually becomes part of everybody’s ‘day job’ (“Embedding & Sustaining”).

You gain accreditation as a Workplace Innovation Practitioner as well as an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management. The gains for your company can be enormous and long lasting . . .



For individuals: development of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will help to identify and implement workplace innovation across the company. The programme will deliver practical guidance, support and coaching to help participants build high performing organisations with great quality of working life. It can lead to an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited qualification, using the evidence gathered throughout the programme.

For companies and their employees: workplace innovation and progressive people practices will lead to improvements in productivity, performance, skills utilisation, employee engagement and well-being. Each company will design and implement a Workplace Innovation Action Plan involving high levels of employee participation and engagement. The focus is on measurable benefits for companies and their employees alike.


Our participation has been essential in meeting our need to adapt to changing circumstances, primarily because we were a very inward-looking company and it’s only when you come to this kind of programme where you realise that there are other companies with similar challenges.
LS Starret Company, Jedburgh.

This programme has already benefitted us hugely. It’s been great to hear of examples of best practice. It has enabled us to think outside the box, learn about the challenges of others and take some of their experiences back to our workplace.
Aviva, Perth.

Rosemary and Peter from Workplace Innovation have taken participants on a learning journey. The programme has been excellent for learning from other organisations. Building key networks and relationships has been invaluable. The content of the programme has been geared to ensure all organisations gain something. We are introducing a new business model and this programme has certainly helped guide and support us as we commence our three years Strategic Plan to bring transformational change to the care sector.

Case Studies

Your Programme Leaders

Rosemary Exton

Rosemary describes herself as passionate, hard-working and caring. Talk to her about workplace innovation and social justice, you’ll soon know just how passionate she is. Spend a day with her and you’ll appreciate how hard-working she is combining managing the business, simultaneously running several research and organisational change projects, being a leading ideas generator and top class tea maker. She also cares. She cares about making workplaces better for everyone, sharing good practices and encouraging creativity and innovation.
Contact: rosemary.exton@workplaceinnovation.eu / +44 (0)7920 529 392.


Harry Gilfillan

What makes Harry happy is a passion for helping individuals and organisations develop their potential through expert training, mentoring and coaching, and this is a constant theme in his career.

Working with both private and public sector employers, Harry designs and delivers employee training and development programmes as well as accredited training programmes in leadership & management and theatre-based training workshops.
Contact: harry.gilfillan@workplaceinnovation.eu / +44 (0)7805 121420.


Dr Peter Totterdill

Like a stick of rock, break Peter in two and you’ll see ‘Workplace Innovation’ written right through him. He is a passionate advocate of organizational practices that combine high performance and high quality of working life. Peter’s career as a researcher, policy adviser, consultant, conference facilitator and animateur has consistently focussed on building bridges between academic knowledge and practice.

In addition to his passion about positive change in the workplace, Peter has an inexhaustible and profound knowledge of workplace innovation enabling him to not only to speak fluently and effectively on the subject but to effortlessly facilitate conferences and masterclasses in an inspiring and thought-provoking manner.
Contact: peter.totterdill@workplaceinnovation.eu / +44 (0)7887 821388.