Your Learning Log

Your Learning Log enables you to record your understanding of the knowledge and skills required to be an effective Workplace Innovation Practitioner, and how you translate the learning gained from Programme texts, case studies, tools, mentoring and other resources into practice.

Personal Reflection Notes are your opportunity to reflect on the relevance of the Modules to you and your organisation. What have you learnt? What impact has it made on you? How will this affect how you work?

All Log entries, question answers, Reflective Notes and Tutor comments can be accessed together on your combined Personal Learning Log below. You can add your initial notes and then come back to edit and expand them at any time as you prepare your text for assessment. You can also attach relevant material to support your answers.

You must demonstrate a deep understanding and practical working knowledge of The Essential Fifth Element including:

  • each of the Elements, Themes, Working Practices and Interdependencies;
  • the skills and attributes required to lead and sustain change effectively;
  • using the People-Centred Change approach in the design and implementation of Action Plans for change;
  • how to achieve and sustain improved performance and enhanced quality of working life simultaneously.

When you answer your Learning Log questions, always focus on how you have implemented the learning in practice as well as your understanding of the concepts involved. Please consider the following:

  • When you give examples of change, we want to know how you were involved in them.
  • When you describe how working practices were changed, we want to know what you did to influence that change.
  • When you write a Personal Reflection Note, we want to know the impact that the actions had on you, and what you will do differently because of your experience.
  • We want to know how your actions contributed to the overall aims and objectives of the business.

The content of your Group or Individual Innovation Project Action Plan should be fully supported by your responses to each Learning Log question and Personal Reflection Note. This helps us to identify your individual role in designing and implementing the Plan, as required for the final ILM Certificate and Workplace Innovation Practitioner Assessment.

There is no need to write copious notes in your Action Plan. You can refer to your Plan and elaborate on any quick wins, challenges, obstacles and outcomes in your Learning Log.

On successful completion of your Innovation Project Action Plan, Reflection Notes and Learning Log you will be assessed for both your Workplace Innovation Practitioner Accreditation and the achievement of the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management.

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