Planning a Professional Presentation

The purpose of this section is to give you an understanding of the importance and value of effective research and planning when producing and delivering a professional presentation. This section asks you to produce an outline presentation plan that demonstrates your understanding of the features and benefits of People-Centred Change and shows that you have clearly researched your topic and your audience when preparing content and supportive materials. As you work through the section content you will be able to gather the information you need to create a convincing argument for People Centred Change. Use the suggested beginning, middle and end structure to organise your material. You will be able to record your work in the Learning Log question and Reflection Note at the end of this section, but you may find it useful to write down the key points as you work through the content.

You may have heard the phrase, “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” and of course this applies to many situations, none more so than preparing and delivering a presentation. The more you plan and prepare the structure and content of your presentations, the more successful you will be in achieving the outcome you were looking for.

No presentation will achieve its desired level of success unless we can get our audience to:

  • HEAR what we have to say (or what we have to show them)
  • UNDERSTAND what we mean and the relevance to them
  • ACCEPT what they have heard and know why it is important
  • TAKE ACTION, if appropriate, in line with the initial aims and objectives of the presentation.

If we want to make our presentation last in the minds of our audience, it is worth bearing in mind that, on average, people will forget:

So, anything we can do to make our presentations more memorable and our communication more effective will be worth the investment of our time in planning, preparation and delivery.

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