Evaluating your Ability to make Professional Presentations

The purpose of this section is to give you the knowledge and understanding of how to use feedback from an audience to evaluate a presentation and to use that feedback to further develop and strengthen your presentation skills. As you work through the section content, consider the information given and the suggested methods of evaluation. There is a link to a detailed explanation of an evaluation model which will help you. You will be able to record your work in the Learning Log question and Reflection Note at the end of this section, but you may find it useful to write down the key points as you work through the content.

How will we know if we have achieved our aims and objectives? How will we know if our presentation has had a positive effect on our audience? Not surprisingly, the answer is that we need to ask them.

There are many ways to gather feedback from our audience, ranging from the traditional “Happy Sheet” given out at the end to a more detailed follow up at a later date. There are many different methods that can be used, from the simple to the more complex and we would suggest that you research some of those methods to help you to design the method of evaluation you will use.

You can find more information about evaluation here.

The feedback you receive can be used to help you to assess the effectiveness of your presentation and identify areas where you can develop your skills.

I hope that you can now see that designing and delivering professional presentations can be achieved through careful research and planning. It is an opportunity to develop and demonstrate our own creativity and our credibility. The more we do it, the more competent we will become, but the greatest area of growth will be in our self-confidence.


Good luck with your future presentations!

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