The purpose of this module is to give you an understanding of the important role that leadership plays in empowering others to achieve desired Change. People in the workforce will help to achieve positive change where there is trust, shared vision, early-stage involvement, time and space for reflection and fresh thinking, and effective 2-way communication. As you work through the content in this section, please consider to what extent has this been achieved in Change initiatives that you have been involved in. Please also reflect on your experience of seeking to empower frontline employees and what it tells you about change leadership. You will be able to record your thoughts in the Learning Log question and Reflection Note at the end, but you may find it useful to write down the key points as you work through the content.

Providing a Mandate & Resources

Much of the change management literature advocates clearly defined change leadership roles linked to detailed implementation plans. Yet we also know that change often works best when it is an inclusive and collaborative effort. The people best placed to think constructively or to innovate around challenges and opportunities will be located in different parts of the organisation, and at different levels.


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