Making it happen

The purpose of this section is to give you an understanding of the importance of making change happen with people, not to people. As you work through this section please think about the key learning points for you. You will be able to record these in the Reflection Note at the end, but you may find it useful to write down the key points as you work through the content.

Change is rarely a straightforward linear exercise. It usually involves experimentation, failure and a willingness to see failure as an opportunity for learning and development. It requires consistency of purpose combined with a willingness to rethink the vision and objectives set out at the start of the journey. The more you try to change an organisation, the more you learn about it. Your understanding of the nature and extent of the change required will deepen as the journey progresses.

Above all, it means making change happen with people, not to people. They have the knowledge, experience and potential for engagement that can make change happen and make it stick.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our short introduction to Workplace Innovation and will find it useful on your own change journeys. There is so much to gain in terms of improved business performance and better ways of working!

We can’t offer you a foolproof recipe for transforming your company because it just doesn’t work like that. You have to be prepared to listen, to involve, to experiment, to take risks and to learn.

It also takes discipline to maintain the momentum on top of a busy schedule. But it’s surprising how far you can go once you engage the trust and enthusiasm of people throughout the organisation.

Even though we can’t offer you a blueprint, our final suggestion here is to make full use of the films, case studies, articles and tools that will be included in this Lab during the course of the programme, as well as all the other opportunities offered by Fresh Thinking Labs.

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