The purpose of this module is to give you an understanding of the importance of creating shared understanding and vision in order to fully engage others in Change. As you work through this section please think about what you have learned from your experience of engaging people in change – and what it tells you about change leadership. You will be able to record your thoughts in the Reflection Note at the end, but you may find it useful to write down the key points as you work through the content.

Creating Shared Understanding & Vision

Knowledge gathered from the scanning of external and internal developments needs to be analysed, understood and assimilated within the organisation, contributing to the continuous refinement and development of its strategic goals and objectives.

This isn’t just for senior teams because it also provides a rich agenda for employee forums and employee-driven innovation. The importance of engaging employees and other stakeholders at the earliest stages in the conception and planning of workplace innovation is continually reinforced by research and practical experience. Whether this involves a full appraisal of the strategic threats and opportunities facing the business as a whole, or critical reflection on current practices within specific areas of the organisation, the aim is to build a common understanding of the need for change –  and perhaps a shared sense of urgency.

This section is all about Action Planning: creating a shared understanding of the need for change, a shared vision, and an agreed set of measures designed to realise that vision in practice.

There are many tools available on the market and care must be taken to ensure that the approach selected really suits the specific needs and circumstances of each company. Above all, a People-Centred approach must be multi-voiced, drawing on the insights and knowledge of managers and employees at all levels and in all functional areas.


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