1.2 – Your EI Profile

The PSI Emotional Intelligence Snapshot Profile provides the starting point for this EI module. It will help you to assess your own strengths and identify potential areas for improvement, focusing on those personal attributes associated with effective change leadership, building a climate of creativity, trust and engagement, and strengthening resilience.

The profiling exercise is informed by PSI model of emotional intelligence and provides an organising framework for understanding effective human behaviour based on neurological evidence. There are two parts to the model:

  • Personal Intelligence: positive self-regard, self-awareness, and managing behaviour effectively.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence: positive regard for others, awareness of others, and managing relationships effectively.

Your profile measures sixteen aspects of EI, analysing both Personal Intelligence and Interpersonal Intelligence in terms of Behaviour, Feeling and Attitude, in this snapshot report the top three strengths and development areas will be highlighted:

Emotional Intelligence is essentially about how an individual manages their personality. This is different to other measures of personality such as IQ. You may have undertaken psychometric tests that try to measure preferences and aspects of your personality – your temperament. These aspects are seen as relatively fixed.

EI is different because it focuses on aspects of your personality which you can learn to manage more effectively with understanding, commitment and practice.

Once your profile results are available, you will be able to discuss them in a one-to-one session with an EI specialist within our team. The session will cover three main questions:

  • what are your major strengths?
  • which areas would you like to improve?
  • how improving these areas will make a difference to your colleagues and to you.

After this session, you will be able to complete following Learning Log question, which asks you to record your answers to these three questions and to outline how you will address the areas for improvement.
Please also complete the Personal Reflection note, starting with your perceptions before you undertake the profiling exercise, and adding further reflections after the one-to-one session.


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