The inspiring examples described in this Element show that there are so many ways of engaging your people in innovation and improvement – so be creative! These organisations have all been willing to experiment, to fail, and to discover what works for them. They also recognise that you can’t keep doing the same things forever – you have to be able to reinvent your innovation culture continuously.

Getting there challenges many conventional ways of thinking and established practices, and many organisations meet opposition on the way. As the Interdependencies table shows, it is important to confront obstacles and to align practices and behaviours throughout the organisation if you’re going to succeed in building and sustaining a culture of innovation and improvement.

This is a prize worth having!

You can also download our worksheets on the Interdependencies relating to Employee-Driven Improvement and Innovation.And think about whether your own practices and behaviours as a manager incentivise or inhibit employee-driven innovation and improvement – Are you an enabler or a barrier reef?


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