Leading change can be superbly rewarding, and it can sometimes be a lonely and stressful business. You will be challenging established practices, asking difficult questions and taking people out of their comfort zones. Be prepared for resistance, denial, criticism and even moments of self-doubt.

You will not be alone. Other programme participants will be facing comparable challenges on their own journeys, offering you a ready-made mutual support network. Use it! And remember too that Rosemary, Peter and Harry are always available for an informal discussion at any time (see contact details in the Programme Leaders section).

You can find plenty of guidance on the internet about how to manage difficult situations at work, but here are our top suggestions based on evidence and experience:

Quick Guide to Resilience


Be clear about what you are trying to achieve and why it is important before you try to convince others.


Understand why other people may see things differently: where you are in an organisation shapes how you experience it, and how you perceive challenges and opportunities.

Immediate problems are usually only temporary: don’t let them make you lose sight of the longer-term goal and the benefits it will bring.


Learn about the organisation as a whole, listen to as many people as possible, find allies and friends wherever you can, and establish trust through openness and dialogue. And have fun doing it!


Find people who will share your problems, make time to listen and celebrate your successes. Decide who amongst your friends and family can support you if the going gets tough, and talk to them from the outset. And make full use of other programme participants as well as the Workplace Innovation Europe team. We’re here to listen too.


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