The challenge is to create an environment where employees at all levels feel motivated and inspired to bring about change that leads to a culture where everyone is valued for what they bring to their role; have high levels of self-confidence and self-worth and work together to create a workplace that is truly great.

Change is rarely a straightforward linear exercise. It usually involves experimentation, failure and a willingness see failure as an opportunity for learning and development. It requires consistency of purpose combined with a willingness to rethink the vision and objectives set out at the start of the journey. The more you try to change an organisation, the more you learn about it. Your understanding of the nature and extent of the change required will deepen as the journey progresses.

Above all, it means making change happen with people, not to people. They have the knowledge, experience and potential for engagement that can make change happen and make it stick.

There is a simple checklist for change below. The full version can be downloaded here.

Go for it!

  • Do the board and senior team understand that change will involve asking difficult questions and challenging established practices? Do you really have their support?
  • Have you involved all the relevant stakeholders from the beginning? Does everyone understand how they will contribute to the journey?
  • Have you anticipated the potential sources of resistance? What is the best way of dealing with it?
  • What are the mechanisms for ensuring good two way communication throughout the journey? How will you evaluate progress? How will stakeholders be involved in shared learning and adjustments to change processes and goals during the journey?
  • How will you know whether you have succeeded? And how will you celebrate success?
  • How will change be embedded and sustained?


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