LWI Registration

Free course access form

This is a great page to use when displaying the icons associated with each AccessAlly course. Those with the right permission tags will see the “Enabled” icons. Any members who do not have the necessary tags to access a particular course will see the “Disabled” icon for that course. (Note: the enabled/disabled icons are designated in the AccessAlly Workflow Wizard.)

Icons can be added via the AccessAlly shortcode adder for “Course Icon” on the edit toolbar of this page. (see our tutorial on shortcode adder here)

You can also include links to other important areas inside your membership site, from the user’s profile to billing information.

The sky is the limit!

Don’t forget to hit “publish” on this page when you’re ready and link to it from within your site!

After this page is published, you can set it as the front page in Settings > Reading > Front page displays